You are the Salt

Have you ever described someone as the “salt of the earth”? If so, what was the person like? Maybe a farmer, townie. Good church-going folk…

I have a friend who I picture when using this phrase. She’s not a farmer (although she grew up in Small Town, WY and comes from a family that farms). And she doesn’t chew on hay or don a cowboy hat. When I say she’s a salt of the earth kind of gal, it’s because she works hard at preserving her faith. 

Jesus says:

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be trampled underfoot as worthless.” - Matthew 5:13

In a group text, my sweet friend took to heart the words from above. She stated: “salt doesn’t just make things salty, it keeps things from rotting. That’s why we must be like salt in this decaying world. Keep it from completely dying. Help to preserve it.” Such wisdom.

How do you help keep this death-filled world from rotting away? 

Take my friend’s advice: preserve it with your faith in Jesus. Make every effort to work out your faith. Spend time with God. Read His words. Pray without ceasing. Center on what matters.

Salt left in its shaker can’t do anything. You have to be poured out. So let yourself shake, sister! 

When you work to preserve, others will notice. Not because you are doing the work, but because you are being seasoned by the Executive Chef. That makes people want to give compliments to Him. 

  1. Be authentic in your love for others. Don’t pretend to love others. I really love them. Fake salt is just that. It’s fake. And you can tell. Sorry, Ms. Dash.
  2. Consider the source. Where are you getting your flavor? Netflix, Hulu? The best “salty” source is from the Word. Get up 15 minutes earlier to sit and read. 
  3. Find a prayer partner. My prayer partner is the friend I mentioned above. We meet weekly to pray. It is one of the most important things I do all week.


JL McCarthy

February 14, 2020