You are Seen

I sat at my favorite little coffee shop the other day during a snowstorm and found myself fixated on the frantic snowflakes falling from the sky. A winter snowfall is not always so hectic. This one, however, came with a lot of wind, pushing and shoving around each little crystal victim. The snowflakes tried to stay afloat in the icy air, but inevitably, they fell. As they landed, they melted on the salted concrete and blended into the piles of snow. 

Do you ever feel like a flake? I mean that in both ways, of course. But stick with the snow analogy here. 

It’s easy to become dizzy with the world around you, fighting to be noticed, fighting to stay on top. The fear of melting into the ground or even worse, looking so much like everyone else and become part of the pile, can cause you to forget what you were created to do. 

You have a purpose. And it’s not to try and stand out among the other flakes (again, analogy, not actual people…). You are better off accepting your journey for what it is. God designed you with a unique pattern, unlike any other. 

He notices you.




In fact, He not only notices you, but the Conductor of the storm gave you a dancing part! If we all wear our ice crystals while we dance our part, how beautiful that will be.

She said, "You are the God that sees me." - Genesis 16:13

  1. Stop comparing your journey. This is a big one for me. “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  And that is so true…
  2. Write a list of all the things you do or can do that make you unique and do one this week.
  3. Go to an art museum. When you are surrounded by people who are brave enough to put their gifts out into the world, you begin to appreciate your gifts too.


JL McCarthy

January 14, 2020