You are Heard

I recently watched a video of the singer/songwriter, Lauren Daigle, describing how her song, “You Say,” came to be a worldwide movement. She explained her incredible journey from a budding musician in Nashville to the woman performing before sold-out crowds in famed venues all over the earth. The line from her video that grabbed at my heartstrings went something like:

“I prayed that prayer under my breath...And 7 years later God answered that prayer with “You Say.” It serves as a reminder that God takes into consideration even the smallest whispers of a prayer.”*

The smallest whispers of a prayer. 

Wow. I have those. 

I quickly brush them aside or forget that I even prayed them. I bet you have some of those too. 

And like me, I bet you believe He can’t possibly care to hear that one eensy-weensy little thing you thought in your head on that day when you were walking the dog...He won’t answer that. 

Oh but sister, He does. He hears every single prayer and because of its humble nature, it’s where He’s going to do His thing! Something about the idea that God cares greatly about even the smallest desires of our hearts, brings me so much hope and my prayer is that it does you too.

“You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.”
Psalms‬ ‭139:2‬ ‭

And those tiniest of prayers you have? He turns them into incredible stuff that changes lives. 

*See video here:

  1. Let go of the hurt from unanswered prayers. Refusing to let go of those things not yet answered can prevent you from seeing the things He has. 
  2. Revisit the answered prayers. We often forget those things God has already answered.
  3. Create a vision/goal board. Just think of the things you will look back on and see how God has answered those desires in heart.


JL McCarthy

January 14, 2020