Try to Remember

Will I never forget;
or try to remember?

The second one seems less of a promise.
In Spanish it’s: una promesa.

Promises are hard to keep
but I will try to remember what I said
or what you said
or what he did.

That pinky thing where we twist our
fingers together and
an explosion happens;
is that for real? I forget.

I will try to remember your birthday
our anniversary
Memorial Day
her graduation
their celebration
and even that moment that took his—
your breath away.
I’m sorry seems not enough but nothing
does the healing.

Not even Time.


One thing that helps me remember is:


Not the
sacrificing kind.
Well...maybe a sacrifice
of sorts. My life. His life. Our lives.
That is what I want to do. Pile up the stones
and rocks so that I can try to remember; or is it never forget?

Anyways...remember the ways He’s kept me safe from sickness,
Brought me joy with flowers.
Given me hope in valleys.
Promised me with His Word.
Loved me with nails.

These are things I should never forget;

*photo cred: @martinainsworth


JL McCarthy

June 2, 2020