Treasure It

Let’s take a moment and review the Nativity story up to this point: 

*Mary rode a long way, very pregnant, on a donkey

*A nice member of Joseph’s family made some room 

*A God-King came out of her 

*She laid him in a feeding trough

*Now, rando shepherd boys are coming to visit because an angel told them to

I am pretty sure I would have kicked out any random peeps that wanted to come see my newborn baby. That’s just me. 

But read what Mary does: “and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

She did what? I will just tell you, it would not be my first response to “ponder.” I do come from a line of very loud and hem…I mean leader-like German women who generally don’t take time to treasure and ponder moments. Mary did something we aren’t used to doing. She stopped to appreciate what was happening, while it was happening. 

Let’s face it. Our culture is loud. Our kids our loud. Our families our loud. We are loud. We don’t leave a lot of space to relish in the moment.

This is what it means to center. It’s not just about the regular quiet time or reading the Bible every chance, although those are good too. Rather, it’s being intentional to stop, look around, and recognize the presence of God. He’s in all of it. The chaos, the still. The loud, the quiet. The mess, the organized. 

So when the whirlwind of life comes your way, and it will; take a page from Mary’s book and center yourself. Treasure what is right in front of you before the moment ends.

Join the Conversation:

+When do you find it hard to be present? 

+Take a moment today and try to just be in it. Look around and take in what God is doing right in the midst of it all. 


JL McCarthy

January 13, 2020