The Weaver

Have you ever tried weaving something? It’s an art form we don’t see too often in the United States. If you travel to Latin America, you will see tapestry lined streets and weavers working to create kaleidoscope walls. I am fascinated by this particular creative process for a couple of reasons: the time and patience it takes to complete a project. The mess underneath that somehow makes an incredibly beautiful front side.

It takes a tremendous amount of faith in the weaver to produce something worth looking at. Sometimes we don’t understand why a particular color is chosen or why a knot forms from underneath. Once in a while, we are privy to a little peek at the other side, but we don’t get to see the full design until it is complete.

Weaving is a bit like life. I often question what God is doing, and I get frustrated with His choice of plans. I disagree with hardship or pain because I don’t see the whole picture. It doesn’t fit with my definition of good so I assume it can’t possibly work within the tapestry of my life.

But God doesn’t need me to understand what He’s doing for Him to create. I am not the One who spoke the world into existence. He did. I am not the One who formed humans from the dust. That was Him. If God wanted me to know all of the answers, He would have handed me the loom. And I would have made a colossal mess of the top as well as the bottom.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." - Isaiah 55:8-9

Rather than trying to make sense of the mess, we must rest in the hands of the One who created us and who continues to weave the strands of our lives together.

We may never get the “why” something happened this side of heaven, but He promises we will stand before Him one day and see it all come together gloriously. We will say, “OHHH. That’s better than anything I could ever imagine.” Or more than likely, we will fall flat on our faces, speechless.

Until that day, as hard as it can be, we must sit patiently and watch the Weaver work. Treat each day as a new strand, letting Him work it into the fabric of our lives. Our messy, beautiful lives.

  1. Memorize Isaiah 55:8-9. Every time you begin to doubt God’s plan, remember His words.
  2. Study a tapestry. Look at the underbelly and take in the ways it looks nothing like the top side. Let the visual remind you of His plans.
  3. Watch an artist. Take time to watch someone create. Practice sitting and watching them as it all comes together.


JL McCarthy

September 7, 2020