The Light of the World

Have you ever tried to walk through a room in your house without the lights on? I do this all the time. Not for fun. I am not that weird. It is pure laziness. I don't feel like turning on the hall switch only to turn it off once I have light in the bedroom. Typically, I manage fine without a lamp, but the past few weeks, my shins and feet have taken their fair share of torture. We are finishing our basement, so our bedroom gets to store all sorts of fun toe-busting furniture.

Life can be like walking through a dark room. Sometimes we are ok and don't get hurt, but when new obstacles arise, it is so easy to stumble in the dark. 

The next "I AM" statement takes place in a not coincidental part of the Temple: the room with all the candles. They symbolize the pillar of fire used to lead the Israelites through the wilderness. Clever Jesus. 

He turns to the Pharisees (aka. the same hyper-religious people trying to trap Jesus and stone sinners) and says: 

I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life. - John 8:12

It would be easy to end here and tell you to just turn on the light while singing, "I saw the light" as the outro. However, you and I both know we still stub our toes even when we can see. Choosing to follow Jesus doesn't mean you avoid the hurt. Pain is a given in this world with or without him. Choosing to let the I AM lead you, like the pillar of fire in the wilderness, means you have a constant guide the whole way. You never have to guess where you are going; look up.

The path is littered with stumbling blocks. He is the faithful light that will show you the way home. Just mind your toes.

  1. Find a dark spot that needs light. Is there an area of your life you are having trouble following God? Maybe you are filled with fear about the future, about your health, or even about financial stability. Pray over it. Ask God to show you the next step in trusting Him.
  2. Read Exodus 13:17-22. I love vs. 22. Memorize it for the times you need a reminder that God will lead you. 
  3. Get into the light. Literally go outside. I think we forget how much we physically need the sunshine. When you have a few minutes of sun, it increases the serotonin levels in your brain (think mood-enhancing).


JL McCarthy

March 2, 2020