The Divided States of America

We are not a country united, 

We are a people divided.

The hope in something better is hiding 

behind screens and politician’s pockets.

Every bill becomes a weapon

while bullets fly freely among children.

Aisles get crossed only to cross each other. 

God is red lined from our schools and pledges

Unborn babies given to a choice 

Gender, what is that? never had a voice. 

Dinner tables turn to wastelands and storage space,

No jobs for food; emptying bellies next door

viral videos infect our minds

viral loads take down our bodies.

Neighbors become enemies piercing 

surface tension with loyal affiliation

Pledging allegiance to tattered flags

as others kneel, for a point.

Trying to prove God is wrong

and most likely dead.

Our hope stripped from the ballot

forcing us to choose between

dying or self-obsession. 

This is America: Land of the free.

Home of the brave. 

It’s unity we crave 

and still... 

we are not a country united,

we are a people divided. 


What then? Shall we rise?

Beware of our demise? 

Yes! We must keep watch: 

Not on a party,

Not on a decision,

Not on a group,

Not on a bill,

Not on a vote, 

Not on a sign, 

Or a flag,

Or a freedom,

Or a mask,

Or a cure,


anything that cannot save our souls. 

Only One has the power to unite,

and He already paid the price.

It’s our turn to act,

fix our eyes

on the author and perfecter 

of our states 

so that we may be

A country united, 

And people excited

about the future once again. 


JL McCarthy

October 20, 2020