The Bread of Life

I go through phases in my life where I am content with what I have, not wanting for more. And then, the very next week, I am hungering for that next big thing. Maybe it's a new car or a vacation. Maybe it's a smaller waist or longer, healthier hair. You name it; I am sure I've wanted it. Once I have that "thing," I'm content. Well, until I'm not. What about you? Do you get caught in the never-ending cycle of wanting? There is a scene in the book of John where Jesus speaks to this very issue.

Shortly after the encounter with the woman at the well, Jesus and his disciples are hanging out at the Sea of Galilee with a large crowd following them. Not like a couple hundred strong. Over 5000 men, women, and children in attendance. These people were desperate to see the miracles of Jesus. 

Jesus, already knowing the answer, turns to one of his disciples and asks, "where can we get bread for all of these people?" I guess he wanted to see if Philip trusted him as the source of all things. I guess Philip didn't.

They find a young boy with five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus takes the meager offering and asks God the Father to rain down food from heaven (like the "manna" in the desert). They feed the entire crowd and then bust out Tupperware to keep the leftovers as not to waste, per Jesus' instructions. 

Fast-forward a few paragraphs. The same crowd that just witnessed this mass feeding wants more proof. They want Jesus to show a miraculous sign so they can be sure He is the Son of God.

What? Like what did they just see with the raining bread?

But Jesus remains calm and responds with:

I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. - John 6:35

The people were left wanting even after their bellies were full.

How often do you witness God do a work in your life only to turn around and demand the next thing from him? Maybe you are looking at the wrong things to make you content. Maybe it's because true satisfaction is found only in the person of Jesus.

His doughy claim cuts right to the quick, eh...crust. It's not about the actual bread. He understands and recognizes the insatiable need for more. More money, more weight loss, more time, more proof. What he has to offer you goes beyond the temporary things of this world. He offers you eternal life that satisfies the soul.

Food for thought. 

  1. Do some soul searching. What does it look like to find satisfaction in the person of Jesus? How can you focus on what he’s already done rather than what you still want from Him?   
  2. Read Psalm 63 and memorize vs. 5 “you satisfy me with the richest fare.” When you get needy, recite it. 
  3. Eat a meal alone with Him. Don’t just sit in silence, but really enjoy the food and drink with him. Think about the way the meal tastes on your tongue and how God created your senses to enjoy him. 


JL McCarthy

February 27, 2020