New Year, REnewed Faith

I'm not going to lie; I am a bit afraid of 2021. While there is so much more promise in comparison to these past ten months, I'm not ready to go into another new year with false ideology and hope. 

So with trepidation, I will begin again. I've prayed and prayed and read and listened and talked with many others about various things this past year. What keeps rising to the surface are questions. Questions about purpose, existence, doubt, faith…

I wonder:

Is it ok to ask questions?

What do we do with doubts?

What does the Bible say about that issue?

What do we do with the answers we don't like? 

Jeff Goldblum (yes, the guy from Jurassic Park) has this show on Disney+ called The World According to Jeff Goldblum. His whole show centers around curiosity. He has lots of questions. Not about God, per se, but he models what it looks like to be authentically curious. To really understand who God is and help you and future readers, I want to be curious like Jeff. 

Over the next few months (or maybe even year), I will tackle tons of scripture, read some new books, and have meaningful conversations with others who have questions. My ultimate goal is for us to walk away with a better understanding of how to navigate deep waters of curiosity and doubt while keeping our feet firmly planted on the Solid Rock.

I am confident that every question we explore will be worth the time and effort. One thing I don't ever doubt is God's faithfulness. So even if questions beget more questions, I know God will return more answers. They may not be what we expect or want to hear, but He will always remain with us. 

Here's where you come in: I need you to join in with questions, suggestions, ideas, and feedback. I will use a question or insight from my readers for each new post. Don't worry, I won't say who it is from, so contribute freely and plenty. If you really want to dive in, keep a journal of questions or thoughts. Write them down every time you think of something and then send them my way...even if they seem silly. Even if they are hard, let's explore our God in a fresh new way that invites curiosity as a starting point for our faith. 

First question: Are you in?


JL McCarthy

January 5, 2021