My Walls

My walls

are a little bit sick.

Probably the lack of vitamin D

or exposure to the outside.

Mildew grew

sleeping deep down in places 

I’d rather not know about.

Wooden beams bend 

while structural bones

and stones 


Cracks in the plaster give way to 


Mold spews onto 

                     my neighbors


and newsfeed.

Am left to my own devices?

And vices?

And ways of ridding the sin? 

                a plea for help!

                    The process begins with:



I must relinquish my whole house to the Builder.

              Sit still. Be still.  

Wait for Him to begin, within.

While He removes 

rocks and rubbish.

Hate and apathy.

Mold and rust. 

Fear and distrust. 

Once the whole shell of the house is bare bones. 

                                                                        No bad stones. 

                       Just a few dusty ragged rocks

left in the walls. 

The Builder takes One more block and 

        To reset the Foundation

               to rest upon the 



JL McCarthy

June 9, 2020