My Heart

My heart; it’s fancy and fickle. It fills

with joy around friends that are family. 

It pumps with hope when children dance

to their own drumbeat on top of toes.

It syncs with another as snuggles 

near the barrel of his chest, 

knowing it is heard. 

My heart is fancy 

and fickle. 

My heart; it’s fickle and fancy. It beats

in time with music only slowing for sleep.

It’s fleshy, always wanting to run it’s own race

to ensure it can be heard above the crowd.

It burns when the world is upside down.

Tearing apart at screams that tear 

through widows. Capitulates with 

hypocrisy and disloyalty.

My heart is fickle 

and fancy.

My heart wasn’t always so fancy or fickle. 

It remained solid in the dark. Avoiding hurt.

Fear, anxiety, apathy kept it lifeless, 

irregular, unresponsive to Light. 

You see? My heart now 

fickle and fancy 

used to be 

a stone. 


JL McCarthy

July 7, 2020