Love never fails

As I re-read The Hiding Place this past week, I was completely humbled by one particular line. 

And so I learned that love is larger than the walls that shut it in.*

Wow. Seems pretty fitting for our current circumstances.

Corrie ten Boom’s mother had a stroke that left her unable to do much of anything in the last few years of her life. She only spoke three words, and sat staring out the window each day, watching the people of Harlem pass by. She couldn’t get up to hug someone or make a birthday dinner. Her pop-over visits to friends or walks down the street greeting the town, disappeared in a flash.

She was incapacitated.

But it didn’t diminish her capacity to love. Love found a way out of her, and fell upon those she watched out the family room window, without any having any physical interaction with them. Her love came in the form of hand-scrawled notes and prayers. I have no doubt visitors and passerbys looking up at the ten Boom residence were always greeted with a kind, loving face behind the glass.

This is how God’s Spirit works. His love within us can’t be shut in. It has to be poured out in whatever way, whatever place, whatever circumstance, He deems fitting for us right this moment. And right now, we are all able to pray as we look through our real and virtual windows as a way to let Love breathe.

That's how we win while we sit in...side.

Love never fails because God is love. He can't fail.

So today I am going to take a page from Mrs.ten Boom, Corrie’s Mama, and let the love Jesus placed within me, do the work inside the walls.

*The Hiding Place, pg 51.

Sit by the window or on your driveway, and pray for the people that walk by. You may never know how much that impacted them, but God knows.


JL McCarthy

April 28, 2020