Love is Always Hopeful

I wrote this haiku last year, and it seemed fitting at the time. Now it seems more relevant than before. I went to find a new picture to pair it with, and this butterfly image captured it exactly. They are social distancing butterflies. Ha! Okay, it's a stretch, I know.

In all seriousness, this is what Hope looks like right now. We can't physically be with many of those we love, but we can cheer them on from across the room, across the street, or across a screen. We can reach out to others and remind them how much we love them. Apologize when we don't love them well and choose to try again.

It is human nature to criticize in a time where everyone is under a microscope--both others as well as ourselves. Personally, I am quick to anger and slow to listen. I get frustrated over silly things that have not actual bearing on the here and now.

And here and now is where Hope resides.

Hope is found in the person of Jesus. He has "already" given us his life and is "yet" to restore the earth. We are smack dab in the middle of the awkward space and our one and only job is to Love.

What ways can you find Hope today? What ways can you love others well today?


JL McCarthy

April 21, 2020