Identity Intro

Do you like to cannonball into the pool or are you more of a dip your toe and wade in kind of person? You will generally find me on the side of the pool, slipping into the water only when it gets too hot to bear. However, when it comes to the New Year and all of the goal setting, I am just the opposite. I am 100% a run, jump, knees up, big splash right into the middle of the water kind of girl. 

I realize this pool analogy is not really seasonal but it stuck with me as I pondered this new year. Rather than jumping in like I always do, maybe I should enter slowly. Not get too far ahead of myself. Wait and wade in when I’m confident. 

Not in my own ability, but in my identity. 

Because that’s the real issue: identity. 

New Year’s is the perfect time to capitalize on all of the ways to make a new and better you. Look around and you will find a plethora of material from self-help books to conferences to subscriptions and gyms. You name it, you can become it. 

I will be the first to admit that I get lost in this. I know the truth about who I am in Christ, but as the year goes by, my eyes drift down and to the side, causing me to question where I belong. Or rather, to whom I belong and I don’t think I am alone in this. 

Where do you get lost in the pool of life? Is it your job, your title, your money, your accomplishments, your stress, your fear? 

I invite you to join me as we wade into 2020. Let’s fix our eyes on the Truth of who we are in Christ. My goal is to encourage you to see yourself through this lens. Keep swimming, floating, or sitting on the edge, all while keeping your eyes on the Lifeguard, waiting for His cue. 


JL McCarthy

January 13, 2020