The Woman at the Well

I’m convinced our current culture is in a major identity crisis. We have to speak Truth to ourselves and our youth about who you are in Christ if we are ever to thrive in this life.

The past two months I have been sharing some “you are” statements so that you might grab hold of this and live it out. 

However, “You are” only exists because of the “I AM.” If that sounds strange to you, read on.

I AM is how God refers to himself. He first says it to Moses in Exodus 3:14-15 from a bush on fire. Yep. Normal things. 

“This is my eternal name, my name to remember for all generations.” 

Fast forward from the burning bush to the book of John. Jesus chooses a culturally taboo moment to share his deity to a non-Jewish “unclean” woman (John 4:1-38). He starts by asking her for something: water. Taken back, she doesn’t respond with his request, rather, she asks: Why me? The exchange continues with Jesus offering her living water, telling her he knows all of her sins, and then He ends with revealing his identity: I AM. 

I love this interaction for a few reasons:

First, Jesus picks the “inappropriate” people and moments to teach us. The unlovable, untouchable people are the ones He seeks, because they have nothing to offer Him but themselves. And if you think you are not one of these people, well, you should stay tuned. 

Second, his approach models how He chooses to relate to us and how we should relate to each other; with dependence. He comes to the woman with a need. And in return, He explains how he can serve her. Love is deepened in serving one another. 

Lastly, he extends an open invitation to believe that He is God. He offers His living water as the only real remedy to the hole we try to fill with other things (insert yours here:_____). It’s not a magic potion that will make life easy. He offers something much more than temporary relief. 

Maybe you are like the woman at the well asking: “why me?” 

Maybe you believe the lie that you will be satisfied by the things of this world. 

Maybe you are closed off and don’t know how to depend on anyone else, let alone a God that seems absent. 

Or maybe you just want to know more about who Jesus says He is. 

I can say I have been all of the above at one point or another. Wherever you land, come as you are my friend. We are in this together. 

Join me during this Lent season as I explore 7 other times Jesus says I AM. 

Let’s learn more about this man “who told you everything you did!” and loves you despite it. 


JL McCarthy

February 21, 2020