Final Authority

Perpetual bergamot and eucalyptus drift through the secluded garden
Only one entertained in this glorious floral hideaway
The enigmatic serpent weaves through the underbelly of the palm leaves,
its trail unmarked by any hint of remorse
Fleeing footprints succumbed to the earthen slab long ago,
disenchanted by a choice
Overgrown vines cover evidence, waiting to be exposed
A heel to crush the
Faint echoes of laughter excite feathers and fur
Tree branches bend to the weight of over ripened fruit, desiring a pluck
On the verge of bursting, copious streams dance through ancient trunks
Emerging ferns take up dew in preparation
Resisting rocks cry out as fingers of light overturn        
A choreographed waltz of the redeemed enter through the brilliant brass gate
The plants perk up, emitting harmonious lavender and lilac
Energy takes flight, gradually growing, filling the atmosphere
The drum beats louder and faster as the birds compliment one another
Lambs and lions lay in repetition, illuminating the path
Fresh footprints arising from wet dust leave blooming flowers behind
Each step drawing the dancers to the throne room with the final Word:
Knees drop in succession, Holy and Complete.
Silence consumes the space as the Throne Keeper takes His seat.
He reaches down, seizing the serpent
and hurls the vanquished venemy into the abyss.
The gate slams with final


JL McCarthy

August 18, 2020